Hashing in Peru and Chile

we are on tour from 26 October – 7 November 2018

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Hashing Patagonia-Style

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YES, we are doing it again in 2019

The original one and only Vodka Train comes back 2019 – Get preregistered or contact us directly for more infos.





Date: June 7th approx. until 25th 2019

You can’t wait for the Vodka Hash Train?!
Check out the official Vodka Train Travel site for individual tours on this bucketlist trip here

DATE NOT 100% FIXED YET! – Most likely June 7th approx. until 25th 2019
It will be 18-20 days in June 2019


MOSCOW TO BEIJING – first rough program, update and final program comes approx. in December 2018

1 Day Arrival Moscow

Individual arrivals at Moscow and individual transfer from airport Sheremetovo and or airport Domodedovo to the Hotel. Check in. In hotel you have meeting with other Hashers in the evening in the restaurant or optional Pub Crawl. Hotel tba.

2 Day Moscow

Time for relaxing and enjoy the shower…Sightseeing program Hotel tba



3 Day Moscow

Sightseeing Moscow Red Square, Basilika Church, Kreml (outside). Afternoon Hash. Leave and arrive the hotel by Metro subway. Evening have welcome party inc. finger food (organized by HashTravel.com). Overnight Hotel

4 Day Moscow

– Start Vodka Train / Trans Siberian Railway Sightseeing Moscow in the morning Kreml including secret chamber etc.. In the afternoon you time for shopping and walking around. After we will have together transfer to the railway station and take the train to Kazan. Overnight Train Compartment.

5 Day Kazan

Arrival Kazan, sightseeing Kazan: Mosque, Palace, Kazan Kreml and time for walking around at the banks of river Wolga. Optional we can do a hash also! After dinner you have short time for sleeping and enjoying the hotel. Overnight Hotel

6 Day Jekaterinburg

Very early morning transfer to the railway station and take the train to Jekaterinburg (departure local time: 5.30am). You have time to sleep in train compartment. During the day the train is reaching the Ural Mountains – which are the geological “border” between Asia and Europe. With some luck it is possible to see out of the train one of the Obelisk marking this “border”. In the evening we will arrive in the important industrial town of Jekaterinburg. Transfer to the hotel.

7 Day Jekaterinburg

– Novosibirsk – Irkutsk In the morning drive out of the city Jekaterinburg to one of the Obelisk which are showing this kind of “border” between Europe and Asia. Often it is possible to meet a marriage there whilst a lot of couples come there directly after marriage. After return to the city walk at the Promenade and visit the new “blood and memory” church. This new church was build to remember about the killing of the Zar and his family during the revolution years.
Remark: Women has to have covered their head and wear long shirts and skirts. No naked skin is allowed inside the church.
In the afternoon Hash: City and country hash.
After late dinner in the night transfer to the railway station and take the train via Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk to Irkutsk.
Overnight Train Compartment.

8 Day – on the Train (via Novosibirsk)

This day you will be the whole day in the train on the long way to Irkutsk. Get the real feeling of the Trans-Siberian Railway journey and life in the train.
Overnight Train Compartment.

Important Note: We might stay overnight in Novosibirsk!

9 Day – on the Train (via Krasnoyarsk)

This day you will be the whole day in the train on the long way to Irkutsk. Get the real feeling of the Trans-Siberian Railway journey and life in the train.
Overnight Train Compartment.

10 Day Irkutsk

– Lake Baikal – Olchon Island Bus transfer to Listvyanka at the banks of Lake Baikal. We take the ferry and drive across the Lake Baikal to Port Baikal. Here we get our special tourist train from back to Irkutsk. The train is driving very slowly (30km to 40km) and we can enjoy the wonderful scenery. There are several stops and once or twice you can jump in the Lake Baikal to enjoy the marvelous fresh and clean water (for some it might be a bit cold BUT never forget what the rumors are saying: ….once a time swimming in Lake Baikal extend your healthy life for minimum 10 years…and you will be not dieing in fine health conditions before you are 100 years old….)!! – We might skip this part, because very touristic and crowed!

11 Olchon Island

If we are not there already…drive to Olchon Island by bus (app. 7hours) or by boat (if running / app. 6 hours). After arrival walk to Guest House. Check in and go out for HASH Nature Hash on Olchon Island and at the beach. Overnight Guest House / Olchon Island

12 Day Olchon Island

– Irkutsk Individual sightseeing (drive to north coast) by bike or by car or or or. After lunch drive to Irkutsk, have time for shopping and transfer railway station, take train to Ulaanbaatar Overnight Train Compartment

13 Day on Train

– Ulan Ude – Naushki – Sukhbaatar Drive at Transsib track and Trans-Mongolia track to Naushki (border station Russia, arrival Naushki around midday) and have small walk around. Drive further to Sukhbaatar (border station Mongolia, reach there around 7pm) and go onwards to Ulaanbaatar. Overnight Train Compartment

Remark: at Naushki station we will have Vodka testing – outside of the train station in a small park. Vodka we have to buy in IKT and take with us. Train is staying in Naushki approx. 3-6 hours.

14 Day Ulaanbaatar

– Terelj Nationalpark – Ulaanbaatar Arrvival in ULN early morning (official: 6:20am) and go out to have small sightseeing (part I)

a. Zaisan Monument – from here you have a good view over the inner part of the city Ulaanbaatar

b. After having a small breakfast

c. Bogd Khan Palace, former summer- winter palace and place where the last ruler (Khans) has had his residence

After drive to out to the East into the Terelj National Park and visit the famous turtle rock formation. From there we start HASH IV: turtle rock to the not far leaving Buddhism Monastery. We have sightseeing of the Monastery and after we will have outside of the Monastery our circle.


REMARK: Maybe we do the HASH not in Terelj than we will do it from
/ to the Hotel. This we will decide in spring after we know how the road and pathway situations and conditions are. Not possible to decide it in the moment.
Than we drive to the Hotel where we will stay in traditional Ger (Ger is Mongolian word for Yurta or Jurta) – like nomadic people.
In the evening we will have Schaman fire dance and nice welcome party (Barbeque at the “Fire Place”) including small Folk Show.
Overnight Hotel.

15 Day Ulaanbaatar – Zamyn Uud – Erlianhot

We have a Mini Nadaam (showing the main sport activities of the Mongolian people) at the big area of the Hotel Mongolia and after we drive to Ulaanbaatar. Check in at our city Hotel and go out for sightseeing (part II) and shopping and walk around in the center of the city. Later in the afternoon transfer to the railway station, and take the train to Zamyn Uud (border town of Mongolia) through wide seams not ending steppes and the big wild Gobi dessert (with bit of luck we could see some game and some camels running around).
Overnight Train Compartment

16 Day Erlianhot – Datong

Arrival Zamyn Uud, transfer to the border Mongolia with PR China and further to Erlianhot the Chinese border town. We have a short sightseeing of Erlian with market places and Dinosaur Museum (when the renovation is finished). After having a small Chinese lunch we drive by bus to Datong. On the way we have lot of chances to make photos inside the Gobi dessert. If the time is fine as well as the weather (sometimes we have sand storm and than the cars cannot drive fast) we will have short sightseeing of the important Tai Temple in Datong center.
Overnight Hotel Datong
REMARK: Small Chinese lunch in Erlianhot before leaving to Datong (bus).
Overnight Hotel.

17 Day Erlianhot – Datong

Full day sightseeing: 1. Hanging Monastery from there you drive to the Wooden Pagoda (biggest wooden pagoda in China) and there you will have lunch (individual) at the market places. After lunch drive via the suburbs of Datong to the famous Yuenan Grotto and see some of the app. 40.000 Buddha figures inside of the different grotto. This is area is one of the leading world heritages and gives you very nice impression about the Buddhism history in China and you can fine think about on the way back to the Hotel in Datong.
Overnight Hotel.

18 Day Datong- Beijing

Drive to The Great Wall (if possible by train) on the way stop at Great Wall, walk at the Wall for approximately 1,5 hours. Than have lunch and later take Train to Beijing.
Hashing with the Beijing Hash House Harriers.Hotel


Official End – Individual extra days possible!


MORE HASH EVENTS – Frankfurt Vineyard Hash

Next Frankfurt Vineyard Hash will be October 4 – 11, 2019
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