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Imprint: Riga / Latvia  Email

Administration Web:
SMS Frankfurt, Agentur für digitale Medien,
Burgfriedenstrasse 17, D-60489 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Tours and excursions by our local partner agencies.

Conditions and Payment:
You can pay via credit card (PayPal) or money transfer direct to our account. All bank details will be send to you via Email!

If you use PayPal:

Please use our PayPal account ( AutomaticBalls {@} ) and add all bank charges at both ends to the amount!

paypalIf you do the payment via PayPal as gift – I heard there no charges on money transfer as gift!

Comdirect Bank AG, Quickborn
Jürgen Schreiter
IBAN: DE31 2004 1155 0131 3170 00

In case of cancelations, please see the following charges.

It would be possible to transfer your event/trip registration to somebody else without any charges!

  • Your cancelation – 6 month (or longer) before your Trip Start.
    Full amount of your payment or deposit, minus 15% (and bank fees).
  • Your cancelation – less than 6 month until 4 month before your Trip Start.
    Full amount of your payment or deposit, minus 30% (and bank fees).
  • Your cancelation – less than 4 month until 2 month before your Trip Start.
    From here on the cancelation fee will be 50% of the trip cost total (and bank fees).
  • Less than 2 month or after purchase of final tickets (what ever comes first) there will be NO REFUND!
  • In case of other reasons of cancelation of this trip, (like civil war, nature catastrophes or cancelation from our tour operator) you will receive 100% of your payment minuns 75.00 Euro handling fee and non-refundable tickets-/hotel cost etc.

Please notice that your final payment must be done LATEST 12 weeks before your trip takes place.

In case of flight-, boat- or train-tickets there might be exceptions from this and we inform you about other payment conditions in this case via Email.

An E-mail confirmation with the date and amount received will be sent for all payments.
Registrations will only be confirmed after full payment has been received.

For the most countries there is a health insurance obligatory.

Beside your health insurance it is also recommended to have a travel insurance which is very helpfull in case of cancelation of the trip for health reasons or other important cases.

If you have further questions about cancelation or trip incurance, please feel free to contact us at:


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